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Housing prices in Lithuania fell by 19.8% in 2009

Danuta Pavilenene, BC, Vilnius, 05.01.2010.Print version
According to preliminary data as compared to the third quarter, the housing prices fell by 2.6% in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, and 8.3% in the rest of the country in the fourth quarter of the year 2009.

According to the data provided by the Lithuanian Register Centre, from the beginning of January 2009 until the end of December, the housing prices fell by 25.8% in Vilnius, and by 19.8% in the rest of Lithuania, reports ELTA/LETA,


The turnover of the country's housing market stood on average at 112 million litas (32.48 euros) per month, a decrease of 2.6 times as compared to the year 2008, and a decrease of almost 4 times as compared to the year 2007.


Until the beginning of the year 2010, the crisis in the real estate market that began in the third quarter of the year 2008 cut the housing prices in Vilnius by 39.5%, and 41.2% in the rest of the country.

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