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Turnover of real estate deals in Estonia fell by 50% in Q3

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 13.10.2009.Print version
The number of real estate transactions in Estonia decreased in the third quarter of 2009 as compared to the same time last year by a quarter and the monetary volume fell by 50%, National Broadcasting/LETA cites initial statistics of the Estonian Land Board.

12,407 transactions were conducted in the third quarter of last year and their value reached 9.7 billion kroons. At the same time this year the number of transactions was 9,279 and volume just 4.8 billion.


During the real estate boom in 2006 the figures were even 17,662 transactions for 17.6 bln kroons in Q3.


The number of transactions fell by 555 or 6% in the third quarter of this year as compared to the second quarter and the value of transactions fell by 0.5 bln kroons to 9%.

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