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Prices for the real estate brokerage services increase

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 08.05.2009.Print version
BBN quoted currently the real estate broker must do a lot more than previously in order to sell the properties, therefore, the prices for the brokerage services increase, writes LETA.

"This is almost contradictory to the laws of economy, where the fees should decrease on the count of the real estate brokers' numbers being stationary and the demand for real estate brokers' services decreasing. The laws of economics will not be disagreed because many real estate brokers are giving up this work, which has recently become unprofitable. Real estate brokers do not have important investments they would have made for the sake of the job; therefore, it will be easy and cheap for them to simply quit," Tõnu Toompark, the Head of Estonia-based Adaur Grupp and the lecturer of Tallinn University, pointed out.

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