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New impetus into the EU-wide “business code”: French initiative

New impetus into the EU-wide “business code”: French initiative


Ideas of a unified “business code” accepted by all the EU entrepreneurs have been discussed for decades. The ideas are becoming more urgent due to an active harmonization of the EU states’ economic activities. The advantages of the “code” are quite apparent though the legal practitioners need a strong political will.

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The EU institutions support venture capital in the member states: Danish example

The EU institutions support venture capital in the member states: Danish example


The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed a financing agreement with the Danish national promotional institution (NPI, in Danish –Vækstfonden) to provide support for local SMEs and Mid-Cap companies. The EU and Danish partners will “inject” €75 mln each into a co-investment platform that will target SMEs lacking adequate bank financing.

Turning European researchers to intellectual rights’ protection

Turning European researchers to intellectual rights’ protection


Modern Baltic States challenges require constant national academies’ attention to changing socio-economic and political environment in regard to science and research. Most timely response provided by the European academics’ confederation (ALLEA) is a vivid example of additional attention to the actively developing services and manufacturing sector, where intellectual property rights are needed a resolute national support.

Industrial policy: revitalizing the member states’ sector

Industrial policy: revitalizing the member states’ sector


The Commission is re-assessing the industrial sector towards a more competitive, sustainable and strategic direction. Already presently the sector accounts for 80 per cent of the states’ export revenues. However, there are numerous challenges: climate change, digitalisation, protectionism, a slowdown in global trade, etc. The EU suggests a holistic approach to the Single Market, research, innovation and competition spheres.

European Open Science Cloud: Strategic Implementation Plan

European Open Science Cloud: Strategic Implementation Plan


European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) ultimate aim is to create a “global data structure”, which - as a result of standardization, data repositories and processing of relevant data -can be used by scientists and others for the benefit of national socio-economic development. In the Supplement, there is info on more than 20 EOSC projects covering ICT cooperation in various fields of scientific research.


EU’s “green deal”: changing power structures is needed

Global and European efforts for sustainable transition have required fundamental changes both in the national socio-economic strategies and in existing decision-making patterns. Apparently, the task is not an easy one: the EU “green deal” provides a helping hand…


EU’s strategic investments for additional growth and jobs in the states

Commission’s “investment plan for Europe” since 2015 played a key role in boosting jobs and growth in the EU member states. Investments by the European Investment Bank (EIB) Group backed by the EU’s Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) have increased EU’s GDP by about one per cent and added over 1 million jobs.


Latvia in the “global world”: getting together

International Business Networking Consortium, IBNC is a well known company providing networking opportunities for business partners inviting inspiring speakers. During its several years of existence, the IBNC arranged numerous very successful events, which enabled participants to open new marketing channels at local and international levels.


Digitalised economy: OECD efforts to address tax challenges

The OECD published a proposal to advance international negotiations to ensure that large and highly profitable multinational enterprises, including digital companies, pay tax wherever they have significant consumer-facing activities and generate their profits.


Vocational training: acquiring new skills

During present Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU, the 2019 European Vocational Skills Week in Helsinki (14-18.x.) took place with the idea of encouraging people of all ages to ‘discover their talent' through vocational education and training (VET).


Competitiveness and circularity: approaches in the Baltic Sea Region

Several EU states focus this October on circular economy: e.g. during “Circular Days/Circular weeks” in Poland (07-13.10.2019), many activities are devoted to promoting sustainable consumer behavior, supporting circular business models and establishing cooperation among stakeholders.


Economy and finances combined: Valdis Dombrovskis’ approval in European Parliament

Valdis Dombrovskis has easily gone through the European Parliament’s screening: the MEPs approved his nomination to the post of the EU’s top economics and financial commissioner. During about three hours MEPs “grilled” the Latvian nominee who will deal with an area of “an economy that works for people” during his next five years in the Commission as an executive vice president.


Turning digital: challenges and perspectives for science and research in the EU

The internet and digital technologies are already transforming the EU member states’ knowledge and operation systems. During last five years the turn has come to science, research and innovation with a new concept of free access to all kind of research (called “open access”). The Baltic States science community has to take this challenge seriously.


Financing convergence and competitiveness: new efforts in the eurozone states

Commission’s spring-2019 economic forecasts showed that the European economy is expected to grow (both in 2019 and 2020) and will remain robust. Growth would be positive in all EU states (often with small margins), which would support employment and increase households budgets.

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