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4,000 farmers took part in protests in Latvia

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 28.01.2009.Print version
About 4,000 farmers all over Latvia took part in the demonstrations yesterday, bringing with them 2,581 agricultural vehicles.

The Farmers' Saeima organization said that protests were staged in 29 locations.


There were 2,000 protesters in Valmiera, 400 in Jelgava, 300 in Aglona and 250 in Liepaja, to name a few of the locations, writes LETA.


Farmers in Saldus District Ezere received authorization to block a road today, thereby showing that their "patience is wearing thin and that they are waiting for results."


Farmers, who had gathered at the former roadside eatery "Senite" in Riga District, drove their tractors into Riga's Jugla neighborhood, demonstrating that rural farmland is just across city limits.


In the Vidzeme city of Valmiera, farmers are warming up tonight around a bonfire, that, as they declared, will remain lit for one week – the time limit given for the government's decision and/or action.


Farmers' Saeima Chairman Juris Lazdins commented that "Latvia's rural community is on its feet. This was a peaceful protest today with hope that someone will not just hear us, but make wise decisions, to solve the problems. The situation in our community is dramatic, and our demands must be met without delay. Otherwise, it will be difficult to subdue the farmers," he stated.

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