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Alcohol consumption of Estonians decreased in 2013

BC, Tallinn, 22.04.2014.Print version
Estonian Market Research Institute (EMRI) alcohol market study indicates that the alcohol consumption of Estonian inhabitants decreased slightly in 2013, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

10 litres of absolute alcohol was consumed in 2012 per capita versus 10.3 litres in 2012. An average of 76 litres of beer, 15.5 litres of weak alcoholic beverages like cider and alco-pops, 11 litres of wine and 9 litres of strong alcoholic beverages was consumed per capita.


209 mln euros of alcohol excise tax was paid to the state budget, by 7% more than in 2012. Increase of excise taxes and increased purchases by tourists were behind that.


Foreigners made over 6 million trips to Estonia last year, a growth of 13% in a year. 41% of the tourists were Finns. Studies of EMRI as well as Finnish institutions (THL) indicate that Finnish tourists have brought nearly 15% more alcohol from abroad during the year and differing by the group of beverages, the share of goods brought from Estonia formed here 59-88%.


Tourists bought to go or consumed in Estonia 34.3 million litres of beer, 23.8 mln litres of weak alcoholic beverages, 9.5 mln litres of strong alcoholic beverages and 5.5 mln litres of wine.


The volumes bought and consumed by tourists have been subtracted from Estonian domestic market sales volume and are not included in the consumption figures of Estonian inhabitants.


Prices of alcoholic beverages grew by 4.5% in 2013 while the average gross wage grew by 7.6% and in such an economic state, the decrease of alcohol consumption refers to positive changes in attitudes of people.

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