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Only 10% fruits and berries sold in Estonia are locally grown

BC, Tallinn, 02.10.2013.Print version
Only a tenth of fruits and berries sold in Estonia are locally grown, a working group compiling gardening development plan stated when meeting at the agriculture ministry on Tuesday, adding that the share of Estonian gardening produce at the market should increase, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

"Estonia can supply around 66% of vegetables it consumes and just 10% of fruit and berries it consumes. In the next seven years we wish to certainly increase the self-support level," said agriculture and rural life policy deputy chancellor Illar Lemetti.


The working group thinks that for that, investments have to be made to create the necessary preserving conditions for sale and increase the productivity of the sector by modernising technology. Also, cooperation between producers and processing businesses would benefit the sector.


132,000 tonnes of vegetables and 59,000 tonnes of fruits and berries are consumed in Estonia in a year.

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