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Volume of advertising in Latvia decreased at the end of 2008

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 15.12.2008.Print version
Advertising volume in Latvia decreased at the end of 2008, according to the media, market and social survey agency TNS Latvia's survey.

In October 2008, compared with the respective period of time in 2007, the total number of advertisements in television decreased by 15.2% and by 6.8% on radio; the largest decrease in advertising volume was observed for printed media publications, where volume decreased 32.5%, as the director of Creative Media Services Karlis Gudonis informed LETA.


The downward tendency continued both in November and in December, thus, compared with 2007, the volume of advertising shrunk by another 20%. Creative Media Services explains this trend by the fact that if enterprises failed to reach their set annual targets, they were likely to reduce spending for marketing and advertising.


Level of consumption of goods and services in Latvia has significantly reduced and the only way how to boost it is by means of additional offers to the consumer and thus also additional advertising. Therefore, it is not a grounded decision for companies to cut their advertising budgets now, as the exact opposite actions would be much more efficient," the Creative Media Services director believes.


Representative of the conductors of the survey, Ruta Grikmane, explained to LETA that the data about the volume of Internet advertising has not been collected.

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