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Estonia increased horsemeat import nearly 10 times in 2012

BC, Tallinn, 27.02.2013.Print version
According to the Statistic Estonia data, Estonia increased horsemeat import nearly ten times in 2012, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports. The amount of all imported exotic meat grew by 3.7 times as compared to 2011.

Last year, 123 tonnes of horsemeat and 41 tonnes of home-grown rabbit meat was imported. Other types of exotic meats that were imported included reindeer meat (532 kg), frog legs (273 kg), crocodile and snake meat (50 kg).


Horsemeat import grew in a year by nearly ten times; nearly 30% of the imported horsemeat was exported from the state again.


73% of horsemeat came from Hungary and 18% from Belgium.


Home-grown rabbit meat import grew by nearly 5 times and it mostly came from Lithuania.


Reindeer meat came from the U.S. mostly and frog legs from Belgium, but they were of Indonesian origin.


Eurostat data indicate that in the first 11 months of 202, Latvia imported 19 tonnes of horsemeat, Lithuania 2 tonnes, but Finland imported nearly 20 times more than Estonia.

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