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Estonia gets back 6.58 mln euros of excess inventories fees

BC, Tallinn, 08.01.2013.Print version
The European Commission has by the start of the year 2013 returned to Estonia 6.584 million euros of fines paid for excess inventories or other agricultural produce, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

Since January 2007, the Estonian state had paid to the European Commission 6.584 million euros for excess inventories of other agricultural produce (dairy products, rice, wine) and 34.264 million euros for the excess inventories of sugar, said the agriculture ministry.


Agriculture minister Helir-Valdor Seeder said that now the dispute that had lasted for years over other inventories can be considered ended. "At the same time we defend Estonia's rights till the end and apply for the return of the money paid for the excess inventories of sugar too," he said.

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