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Latvia's participation in "World Expo 2015" will cost LVL 4.023 mln

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 15.06.2012.Print version
Latvia's exposition in the international exhibition "World Expo 2015", which will be held in Milan in 2015, will be dedicated to honey and beekeeping. The pavilion's motto will be "the Bee Garden of Life". The project will cost LVL 4.023 million.

Director Ugis Brigmanis told reporters today that honey and beekeeping will draw attention to the improvement of modern artificial ecosystems. This proposal was discussed with industry experts, Latvian Food Industry Council representatives and was deemed suitable for promoting the country's image, writes LETA.


With its theme, Latvia plans to address such global issues as environmental protection, biological diversity, material and non-material processes and their interaction, ecosystemic thinking. At the same time, Latvia's motto "the Bee Garden of Life" will allow Latvian scientists and producers to present their accomplishments and new technologies in the food industry.

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