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Dangerous breast implants have been installed in 364 patients in Estonia

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 28.02.2012.Print version
According to information collected by the Estonian Health Board, 732 PIP and M-implant breasts implants to 364 patients have been installed in Estonia, LETA/National Broadcasting reports.

Health Boards said that PIP-implants were used by two clinics: Villa Medica and KT Kliinik OÜ, where these breast implants were installed to 163 patients.


M-implant implants were installed in 2004-2009 in KT Kliinik OÜ and Plastilise Kirurgia OÜ clinics to 139 patients. In 2011, M-implants have been installed by KT Kliinik OÜ to 61 patients. In case of one patient, the place where the M-implants were installed in 2005, was unclear.


Breast implants have been installed in 13 companies in Estonia. Health Board representatives visited 12 and did not manage to contact one, Academic Plastic Surgery OÜ.


The Health Board started to map the breast implants situation in Estonia after the French work and health ministry issued an evaluation in December last year according to which PIP implant recipients have documented health risks. The first risk warning about them was issued in spring 2010 and after that they have not been installed in Estonia.


The information about M-implants is contradictory and research is still continuing. Before 2010, Dutch company Rofil Medical International implants were used. The M-implants installed in 2011 came from Cyprus, produced by Rofil Medical Implants.


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