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8 out of 10 largest agricultural land owners in Latvia belong to foreign companies

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 27.12.2011.Print version
Eight out of Latvian largest agricultural land owners belong to foreign companies – fully or partly, according to the State Land Service's data.

Two Latvian largest agricultural land owners – Uzvara-Lauks and BTA Ipasumi – own agricultural land of almost 5,000 hectares in area altogether, whereas the total area of agricultural land that belongs to the other eight largest landlords is more than 53,200 hectares, which is 45.7 percent more than in 2010, writes LETA.


Also, Latvian citizens or permanent residents have a controlling interest in only ten out of 25 largest companies that own agricultural land in Latvia, "" writes.


The largest owner of agricultural land in Latvia is Myrtillus, a subsidiary of the Swedish company Bergvik Skog, which owns a total of 19,129 hectares of agricultural land, including 13,198 hectares bought last year. The Swedish company is also the owner of the tenth largest agricultural land owner in Latvia, company Fragaria with a total of 2,356 hectares of land.


Foran Real Estate, which belongs to the Swedish company SPP Livforsakring and Norway's Storebrand Livsforsikring, is the second largest owner of agricultural land in Latvia – 12,073 hectares altogether.


Empetrum, which belongs to the U.S. company Phemus Corporation, is third on the list with agricultural land of 5,547 hectares in area.

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