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Soros Foundation Latvia to provide USD 100,000 for development of Latgale

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 15.02.2011.Print version
Soros Foundation Latvia (SFL) calls Latvia-registered societies and businessmen to sign up for aid, USD 100,000 altogether, to help Latgale Province overcome the consequences of the economic crisis, unemployment and social problems.

SFL communication consultant Elina Klavina told LETA that the goal was to help Latgale residents improve the quality of life and offer solutions tailored specifically to the province's needs.


SFL Integration Council's Director Liesma Ose says that there are certain socio-economic problems as well as opportunities in Latgale. There is low activity of non-governmental organizations in the province, there is high unemployment and limited access to services. power outages earlier this winter have also made the situation more complicated. This is why SFL has decided to provide USD 100,000 for the development of Latgale province.


The money will be distributed among projects offering new and efficient solutions to the province's problems – poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, inaccessibility of social services and others problems, as well as ensuring the development of social entrepreneurship and the development of multi-functional educational and cultural centers.


SFL aims to encourage the growth of employment and personal income in Latgale. The aid is meant to support rural communities, preserve the cultural environment of Latgale, make various social services better accessible in regions and convince local residents not to leave.


Applicants for the funds under the program will be entitled to up to EUR 18,865 each. The projects presented to SFL must be implemented in Latgale, except for the cities of Daugavpils and Rezekne.


The competition for the funds will be organized in two stages. Applications during the first stage will be accepted until March 11.

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