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"Mazsalaca meteorite" in Latvia – marketing hoax by Tele2

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 26.10.2009.Print version
"Mazsalaca meteorite" was actually a hoax designed by the telecommunication company Tele2, as the company's marketing director Janis Sprogis acknowledged to LETA.

"Our goal is to inspire the people of Latvia," Sprogis said.


"As we can see, with this Latvia made the news all over the world, everyone wants to know about Latvia, and this is not because of the crisis, the hard times and so, but because there is something creative and exciting happening here. It is a unique achievement and part of our communication," said Sprogis.


Sprogis also said that Tele2 would compensate all the losses that the state has sustained.


As reported, the "Mazsalaca meteorite" is in the news all over the world, diverting global attention from Latvia's economic troubles. Mass media in countries near and far are reporting about the "Latvian meteorite", pointing out that the town of Mazsalaca has become an overnight celebrity.


Several publications write that a space satellite fragment could have created the crater, and a few others even mention unidentified flying objects.


Police officers as well as researchers and geologists from not only Latvia but also other countries worked at the scene all day, concluding that the crater was a man-made hole.

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