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Exports of round timber in Latvia down by 36.5% this year

Irina Alenina, BC, Riga, 31.08.2009.Print version
As the Ministry's for Agriculture Forests Department informed, Latvia exported 1.09 million cubic meters of round timber in the first half of this year, it is the 36.5% drop compared to exports of 1.73 million cubic meters of round timber in the same period last year, writes LETA.

The value of exported round timber last year was LVL 31.78 million, which is a 56.6% plunge compared to the results of the first six months of 2008, when the total worth of the exported round timber totaled LVL 73.21 million.


688,600 cubic meters of coniferous round timber and 408,800 cubic meters of deciduous round timber were exported from Latvia last year.


437,000 cubic meters of conifers were exported to Sweden, registering a 30.1% decrease when compared to H1 in 2008. 104,800 cubic meters (3.1% decreases) were exported to Finland, and 102,700 cubic meters (11.1% decreases) to Estonia.


320,000 million cubic meters of deciduous round timber export went to Sweden, which, however, is 43.4% less than in January-June 2008. Finland received 59.2% less deciduous round timber from Latvia, whilst Estonia received 29,600 cubic meters (a plunge of 81.4%) of deciduous round timber from Latvia in the first six months of 2009.

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