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Signs of new disagreements within Riga City Council coalition

BC, Riga, 19.09.2019.Print version
There are signs of new troubles within the Riga City Council coalition between the two parties which make up the coalition - Harmony and Honor to Serve Riga, according to information obtained by LETA.

According to this information, all of the City Council's committees met this week, and committee members from Harmony did not attend several of these committee meetings, thus the necessary quorums were not met.

Furthermore, city council members from Honor to Serve Riga, for example, did not arrive at today's Traffic and Transportation Committee meeting, thus a quorum was not achieved in this meeting as well.

According to unofficial information obtained by LETA, there could be a further split within Harmony, with three more City Council members leaving Harmony's group at the City Council in the near future.

Meanwhile, Harmony has denied such rumors.

If three City Council members from the current coalition leave the coalition, it could once again lead to a collapse of the Riga City Council coalition.

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