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At least five children hospitalized for food poisoning in Sigulda

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At least five children have been hospitalized in Sigulda, the Disease Prevention and Control Center's representative Ilze Araja informed LETA.

The main symptoms of the victims include severe diarrhea, renal impairment, and intestinal bleeding.

According to Araja, the center received information about five children hospitalized yesterday, and an epidemiological inquiry has been launched. Today the center's experts are visiting Sigulda. The sick children come from different preschools, added Araja.

The Children's Clinical University Hospital spokeswoman Vita Steina confirmed to LETA that five children from Sigulda were at the hospital. Four of them are currently at the intensive care unit.

The Disease Prevention and Control Center suspects food poisoning.

Sigulda Region Education Administration's head Sandra Tukisa told LETA that the children had been hospitalized from preschools Piladzitis, Saulite and Ievina. She said it was currently unknown why the children got sick. All three preschools have one and the same caterer though, she said.

LETA has found out that the caterer for the three kindergartens is Baltic Restaurants.

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