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Agricultural Organizations' Cooperation Council notes significant labor shortages in agricultural sector during summer

BC, Riga, 12.08.2019.Print version
There are significant labor shortages in the agricultural sector during the summer season, as the Agricultural Organizations' Cooperation Council Chairman Edgars Treibergs told LETA.

It is increasingly harder for farmers to hire seasonal workers as they are in great demand in not only Latvia, but also, for instance, in Germany and Netherlands, where they can also earn higher wages, said Treibergs.

Students and teachers, some of which work on farms during summer to earn some money on the side, is not an option. According to farmers, these people usually work for just a few days, then they quit. In the meantime, farmers need workers to do hard physical work for two months, said Treibergs.

Treibergs also disapproves of Latvian politicians' eagerness to protect local labor market and opposition to guest workers. Bringing seasonal workers to Latvia is nothing dangerous. The entire process is controlled, and all the applicable social contributions for guest workers are paid.

Treibergs believes that the situation will become worse yet in the future, and the pending territorial reform will not make things any better.

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