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Ukrainian investor wants to build major egg production facility in Madliena County

BC, Riga, 14.09.2018.Print version
Ogre Region Council has approved setting up a major egg production facility with 3 mln to 6 mln laying hens in Madliena County by an Ukrainian investor, informs LETA referring to the local government.

The Ogre Region Council has received company Gallusman CEO Arnis Veinbergs' letter saying that Ukrainian business group OvoStar Union was planning to build a modern and efficient egg production facility in Ogre Region, and inquiring whether the municipality would support and cooperate with the Ukrainian investor in the project.

According to Ogre local government, Veinbergs said Gallusman and the owner of a land plot in Ogre Region have agreed that the landlord will sell the property to the Ukrainian company for building the plant.

The land parcel is 140,000 square meters in area, it is located in Madliena County. Construction of the egg production facility is estimated to cost at least 15 mln euros, including the cost of production equipment for the new facility and construction of a biomass cogeneration plant. The new plant will employ 200 people eventually.

The new facility will have coops, not battery cages, and produce different egg products, up to 90% of which will be exported. Construction is to begin in one-and-a-half to two years.

Veinbergs believes that the total amount of personal income tax for employees at the plant will be 700,000 euros annually, and Ogre Region Council will also receive property tax payments from the new plant.

Fostering business development is one of the priorities of Ogre Region Council, the municipality points out. The municipality's Infrastructure Development Department has been tasked with analyzing options for assisting OvoStar Union in the development of its egg production facility with the help of European Union or state co-financing.


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