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The Estonian authority to disburse EUR 123.7 mln in farm subsidies in December

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The Estonian agricultural registers and information authority, PRIA, has endorsed the rates of direct and area payments for 2017 and is about to start executing payouts in the total amount of 123.7 million euros, reports LETA/BNS.

Decisions concerning seven kinds of payments will be made by Dec. 11 and the subsidies are to be paid out during December, PRIA said on Friday.


The full amount of direct payments, 123.7 million euros, is financed by the European Union. This includes 80 million euros in single area payments, corresponding to a unit rate of 83.71 euros per hectare.


Financing for practices that benefit the environment and the climate, or greening, amounts to 37.1 million euros or 38.81 euros per hectare.


Aid for young farmers amounts to 408,000 euros or 20.92 euros per hectare.


The size of the budget of direct support for fruit and vegetable cultivation is 544,800 euros and the unit rate 305.31 euros per hectare.


Support for dairy cow breeding amounts to 5.6 million euros or 222.62 euros per dairy cow.


The sum total of the subsidies to be paid out to farmers in December is bigger by approximately 15 million euros than last year.


On top of the aforementioned amounts, PRIA will pay out transitional support financed by the Estonian government.

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