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The largest, special shaped hot-air balloon take to the skies in Lithuania

BC, Vilnius, 29.05.2017.Print version
When the Montgolfier brothers invented the first hot-air balloon, they couldn’t have imagined that after more than 200 years people wouldn’t be surprised to see one in the sky. For the very first time, the largest by volume, special shaped hot air balloon will take to the skies in Lithuania. The 5,100 cubic metre craft has been created in the shape of a packet of “Activus” instant noodles and is available for anyone interested in feeling the exceptional connection with nature and seeing the world from a bird’s-eye view.

Cameron Balloons, the most experienced manufacturer of hot-air balloons, has teamed up with Kauno Grudai to create this idea for the unique mode of air transport. Today, both companies are happy to see this amazing balloon in the sky.

“Our first hot air balloon, which was made 10 years ago, was also making records, so we hope that this brand new hot air balloon will be always on the top as well. This special shaped craft are not only for advertising our product, but it can carry six people.” – said general manager of Kauno Grudai.

The uniquely shaped hot-air balloon needs a lot more experience to fly than an ordinary one. Its pilot, Vytautas Samarinas, has over 17 years’ experience in piloting hot-air balloons. About the new project, Samarinas says, “One thing that inspires me the most is that hot-air balloons make people happy not only when they’re flying. Everyone who sees them from the ground is also very happy and smiling. I can’t wait until this incredible balloon will reach the sky.”  

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