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Estonia's forest increment is stable

BC, Tallinn, 21.04.2017.Print version
stonia boasted a stable forest increment in 2016, which didn't differ much from 2015, the outcome of a statistical forest inventory survey published by the Estonian Environmental Agency indicates writing LETA/BNS.

Estonia had 2.31 mln hectares of forest in 2016, which makes up 53.09% of the country's total ground area leaving aside the lakes Peipsi and Vortsjarv. Compared with 2015, the total area of forests increased by 0.03 mln hectares, spokespeople for the Environmental Agency said.

Pine forests accounted for 31.8% of the total forested area, birch forests for 29.5% and spruce forests for 18.5%. The state forest management center RMK managed 1.05 mln hectares or 45.7% of the total area of forests, with the rest belonging to other owners.

Estonia's forest stock totaled 476.0 mln solid cubic meters, 0.9 mln solid cubic meters more than in 2015. The annual forest increment, 16.0 mln solid cubic meters, was bigger by 0.2 mln cubic meters than in 2015.

"These differences can be dismissed as being within the margin of error of the statistical sample, not real changes in our forests," Allan Sims, lead specialist at the Environmental Agency's department for forests, said.

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