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Prisma Latvija opens its second store in Riga

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 30.03.2009.Print version
SOK’s subsidiary AS Prisma Latvija will open its second Prisma in Riga on 31 March. The new Prisma is located in the new shopping and entertainment centre Plaza. The third Prisma in Dreilini Retail Park will be opened in the year 2011.

The size of the Prisma Plaza store is over 10,000 square metres and it employs approximately 120 people. There are over 60,000 products in the product ranges of the new Prisma. Permanently affordable prices, extensive product ranges and easy shopping are Prisma’s competitive advantages.


– Our goal is to open 4–6 Prisma hypermarkets in different parts of Riga, said BC Pekka Sääskilahti, the Managing Director of AS Prisma Latvija.


There are approximately one million customers in the Riga market area. The new Prisma is located at Muksulas Iela 71, which is just over a kilometre from the city centre.


– We have already achieved the status of price leader with the first Prisma. As the purchase volume increases, the price leader status will be strengthened even further, predicts Sääskilahti.


The total area of the Plaza centre is over 65,000 square metres. Prisma is the largest unit of the shopping centre. In addition to Prisma, over 140 specialised stores will be opened. There are over 1,600 parking spaces.


The third Prisma will be opened in 2011


The third Prisma hypermarket in Riga will be located at the Dreilini Retail Park. The centre is situated alongside the new, eastern ring road of the city.


– The location is excellent. As many as 85,000 vehicles a day drive past the area and almost 210,000 people live within 5 kilometres of the centre, Sääskilahti says.


Dreilini Retail Park is a shopping and leisure centre. The products and services offered at the centre take the needs of the whole family into consideration. The anchor of the commercial centre will be the 11,600 square metre hypermarket. The developer of the centre is NCC Property Development.


All in all, the 40,000 square metre shopping centre offers space for dozens of specialised stores and service sector companies. Some 1300 parking spaces will be constructed.


The first phase of the Dreilini Retail Park is estimated to be ready in spring 2011, which is when Prisma will also be opened. The centre as a whole should be ready by spring 2012.


Prisma Domina in Riga has operated since autumn 2006. The 10,000 square metre hypermarket employs close to 120 people. Domina shopping centre is one of the leading shopping centres in Riga.

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