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Former Estonian Chancellor of Justice established Law Firm Teder

BC, Tallinn, 06.01.2016.Print version
Indrek Teder, attorney at law and former Chancellor of Justice, established Law Firm Teder together with partners Mariana Hagström, Pille Pettai and Marko Pikani. The new firm aims to innovate legal services and make them more accessible, informs BC Mariana Hagström.

According to Indrek Teder, the firm intends to reform legal services, making them more affordable for SMEs and the general public. „The legal system continuously recreates itself through new draft bills, however legal services have remained fairly archaic and expensive for most people. We aim to innovate the sector by combining legal knowledge with modern technologies and ultimately make legal services more accessible,“ said Teder.

Teder named startup Avokaado as a good example of the changes taking place in the sector. Avokaado is developing a novel solution for drafting legal documents online.  Teder’s lawyers have advised the startup with the judicial content of the platform. Avokaado web platform allows client to input data online and generates a legal document based on that data, while legal input has been standardized by the lawyers. „It is no longer acceptable to charge „tailor made” price for a standard solution. Traditionally law sector is one of the last ones to adopt innovation. We predict the way legal services are provided to change significantly in the coming years,“ said Teder.

Law Firm Teder will continue to offer also traditional legal services in all fields of law, as complex transactions and disputes still require traditional approach.

Name partner Indrek Teder, managing partner Mariana Hagström and partners Pille Pettai and Marko Pikani are in charge of the starting team and services.

Name partner Indrek Teder is a former Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia and experienced attorney at law, who has successfully represented clients in a number of noteworthy litigations. As former Chancellor of Justice he has a firsthand experience of the legal system and its flaws, which is behind the mission of the new firm to help individuals and businesses protect their legal rights more effectively.

Managing partner Mariana Hagström is an experienced attorney at law, who previously managed law firm Glikman Alvin & Partners. Hagström has a master’s degree in IT law from University of Stockholm. Hagström has additionally specialised in EU law (including public procurement and competition law) and is advising clients in corporate and commercial laws. She is also a member of Estonian Bar Association’s committee of competition law.

Partner Pille Pettai has extensive experience in real estate transactions and in construction law. Previously she led the real estate team at law firm Glikman Alvin & Partners, where she became a partner in 2013. Before joining the firm she advised a number of major mergers and acquisitions and real estate transactions, including the largest M&A and real estate transactions in the Baltics in 2015. Pettai also has experience in funds and fund management law.

Partner Marko Pikani has practiced law at several renowned firms in Estonia. He is specialised in corporate law, transactions counselling and has considerable experience in resolving business disputes. In addition, Pikani is experienced in public procurement and he has provided training in this field at seminars as well represented clients in procurement disputes, including the dispute of ferry service procurement of Port of Tallinn.

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