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Tallinn had more tourists in 2012 than during the Culture Capital year

BC, Tallinn, 21.02.2013.Print version
A record 1.52 million visitors stayed in the accommodation establishments of Estonia's capital Tallinn in 2012, which was by 2% more than in 2011 which was the European Culture Capital year, LETA/Äripä reports.

There were more cruise passengers and one-day trip guests from Finland and Russia among tourists that visited the city.


The 1.52 million tourists that stayed in accommodation establishments spent 2.76 million nights here. 90% of the people were from foreign states and two thirds them from neighbouring states – Finland, Russia, Sweden and Latvia.


Tallinn's deputy mayor Arvo Sarapuu said that the increase in the number of tourists was in line with expectations since in addition to the very good connection with Finland, plane and ship connections with Russia improved. Also, the Culture Capital year of 2011 still cast an influence last winter.


Tallinn's most important target market is Finland and the share of Finns of all accommodated foreign tourists was 43%, followed by tourists from Russia with 14%, Germany with 6%. The number of tourists from Russia grew most, by 29% or 41,000.

Tourists stayed in Tallinn for an average of 1.82 nights. 74% were holidaying trips, 25% business strips and 1% other trips.


A record number of cruise tourists visited Tallinn last year, 440,000, among whom the biggest groups were Germans (25%), Americans (20%) and the British (17%).

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