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Tukuma piens turnover grew by 17% in 2011

Nina Kolyako, BC, Riga, 06.08.2012.Print version
The joint-stock dairy company Tukuma piens achieved LVL 24.35 million in turnover in 2011, 17% more than in 2010, when the company turned over LVL 20.76 million, according to information.

Last year, the company's profit amounted to LVL 388,981. In 2010, Tukuma piens earned LVL 23,235 in profit. In 2009, Tukuma piens operated with LVL 18.62 million in turnover and LVL 1.43 million in profit, writes LETA/


According to Tukuma piens management report, the company's results were considerably affected by an increase in production costs. Last year's profit will be channeled to the company's development.


Tukuma piens cooperates with 230 milk suppliers. In 2011, the company's sales amounted to 41,752 tons. The company introduced a new brand – "Latvijas standarts", new products under the brand "Baltais", and created a new line of ecological products.


This year, Tukuma piens plans to strengthen the company's market positions, develop production of ecological products and continue actively working on its export markets in the European Union and Russia.


Tukuma piens produces various dairy products: yogurt, butter, sour cream, and cottage cheese. The company's most popular brands are: "Baltais", "Exporta" and "Olga". The company also cooperates with "Rimi", "Maxima", "Sky", "Iki" and other retail stores.

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