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Espersen to expand Klaipeda-based plant in Lithuania

Danuta Pavilenene, BC, Vilnius, 20.06.2012.Print version
Denmark-based enterprise A. Espersen A/S, a leading enterprise in processing of frozen fish blocks, frozen fillets, special cuts and breaded fish products, plans to expand the premises of the Lithuanian subsidiary based in Klaipeda and increase the production volume, the Estonian news portal BBN reports referring to news service news2biz Lithuania.

The company intends to increase Lithuanian plant's operation volume by 70%. The expansion is planned to be carried out in two phases by adding new production as well as raw material and finished product storage areas, writes LETA.


Today the plant's daily processing capacity is 40/20 tonnes of intake/output. According to the plant, the capacity will be first of all increased up to 48/24 tons and later, after the second phase is completed, to 68/34 tonnes per day. The enterprise also intends to add new product titles, namely, fresh cod loins and frozen cod filets.


The news service has obtained the figures from a public project document that Espersen Lietuva has submitted to Klaipeda's regional environmental agency as part of the environmental impact assessment process.


Espersen is a world leader in the processing of frozen fish blocks, frozen fillets, special cuts and breaded fish products. The main raw materials are white fish species such as cod, haddock, hoki, Alaska pollock and saithe, sourced world-wide.


With production plants in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and China, Espersen provides its customers in Europe and the USA with products recognized for their consistent and high quality.


A. Espersen A/S has had its administrative unit in Rønne, on the island of Bornholm, since the very start in 1937.

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