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Estonia's A1000 retail chain to expand to Finland

BC, Tallinn, 05.07.2019.Print version
Estonian retailer A1000, best known for its stores selling largely alcohol on the Estonian-Latvian border, intends to open stores also in Finland in addition to existing stores in Estonia and Latvia, informed LETA/BNS.

The manager of A1000, Einar Visnapuu, told Louna-Eesti Postimees in an interview that they are about to open stores in the northeast Estonian cities of Kohtla-Jarve and Narva quite soon, along with a second store in Tallinn. A third store in Tallinn is to be opened in winter.

"In Estonia the share of alcohol is very small, apparently we will be lowering it further still. Food and manufactured goods are the main thing," Visnapuu told the Postimees edition for South Estonia. 

The manager said that A1000 itself imports approximately 40 percent of the goods it sells in Estonia, which gives them many advantages. 

"In the new year we wish to set up a couple of stores on the Finnish market as well. We will go there to sell food in the first place, the stores will be of the same concept as in Estonia. We will give it a try with two stores in Helsinki and Tampere, preparations are underway right now," Visnapuu said. 

"There are many Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles and Ukrainians in Finland -- so in fact we do have our customers there already," he added. 

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