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Estonia: Logging volume grows to 15.6 mln cubic meters in 2018

BC, Tallinn, 14.06.2019.Print version
The volume of logging in Estonian forests increased by 12.8% year over year to 15.6 mln cubic meters in 2018, figures retrieved from felling documents and made available by Statistics Estonia show.

The cut area increased by 9.3% to 131,900 hectares.

Felling in state forests declined by 0.4% year over year to 4.3 mln cubic meters and the cut area in state forests contracted 5.6% to 41,600 hectares. In private forests felling increased by 18.8% to 11.3 mln cubic meters and the area cut expanded by 18.1% to 89,600 hectares.

Clear cutting amounted to 12.6 mln cubic meters and improvement cutting to almost two mln cubic meters. The area of clear cutting increased by 15.1 % year over year to 57,900 hectares and the area of improvement cutting grew 1.7 % to 64,400 hectares.

Clear cutting in state forests totaled 3.2 mln cubic meters, while clear cutting in private forests produced 9.4 mln cubic meters.

Reforestation was carried out on 9,800 hectares in 2018, including planting and sowing on 7,500 hectares. Natural regeneration was helped along on 2,300 hectares.

Spruce plants were planted on approximately 4,100 hectares, pine plants on some 2,400 hectares and birch plants on 610 hectares of land during the year. Other tree species were planted on 12 hectares.

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