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Omniva installed 200 new parcel machines in Baltics in 2018

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Within the next few days, the Estonian postal service and logistics company Omniva is about to complete the installation of the last of the 200 new parcel terminals it is planning to install in the Baltic countries this year, informed LETA/BNS.

The company just finished installing its 500th parcel machine in the Baltics in the South Estonian village of Vastse-Kuuste. 

Over the past month, parcel machines have been installed also at new locations in Tallinn and Tartu, as well as in the small towns and villages of Jarvakandi, Kilingi-Nomme, Iisaku, Salme and Haljala.

"We can see that the high season of sending parcels is getting underway already. This year, several parcel machines were installed also in smaller settlements and rural areas, while several others we put up at locations near existing very popular machines to  mitigate overload," said Martin Luts, chief of operations at Omniva. 

Luts said that all the new machines are operational right after installation and clients should keep an eye on the expansion of the Omniva network as some of the new locations may be more convenient for them than the location of their customary parcel machine suffering from user overload. 

Recently, Omniva introduced an application inviting people to show their desired locations for parcel machines on a map.

"We will preserve the proposals of people regarding the locations of parcel machines also for the coming years. That is, even if no machine has been put up at the desired location yet, we will take the proposals into account in deciding about further expansions," Luts said.

Where at the end of 2017 Omniva had 126 parcel machines in Estonia, by the end of the year it will have about 250, and more than  500 across the Baltic countries. 

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