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Individual foreign fair support to be added to Enterprise Estonia's joint national stands

BC, Tallinn, 16.07.2018.Print version
While Enterprise Estonia has supported the participation of companies in joint national stands at foreign fairs, then starting from Monday, companies can also apply for state support of up to 50,000 euros for organizing a separate fair stand, with the total budget of the measure being two million euros, informs LETA/BNS.

National support for companies participating in foreign fairs is common practice in the Nordic and Baltic countries, but in Estonia, the state has so far only supported participating in a joint stand, head of Enterprise Estonia's trade development agency Tanel Rebane said in a press release. "Participation in joint fairs has been very beneficial for Estonian entrepreneurs in entering new markets, but the new support will give them greater freedom to participate in fairs where the state has not put up a joint stand."

Q-haus CEO Reino Soots, who has taken his company to foreign fairs both alone as well as part of Estonia's joint stand, supports the new measure. "Q-haus has previous experience in participating with a joint stand and we were satisfied with the result of it, but in order to compare experience we decided to participate with our own stand at the Norwegian construction fair Bygg Reis Deg in 2017. Even though participating in a fair alone is several times more expensive, it offers significantly greater freedom in organizing the stand. If we so wish, we can now also participate in the kind of fairs where Estonia does not have a joint stand out," Soots said.

The support for participating in foreign fairs is aimed at the globalization and increase in the export growth of small and medium sized industrial enterprises. "One of the greatest problems of the Estonian economy is that too few Estonian companies export to too few markets and participating in speciality fairs is one way of solving this problem. For example, Balsnack as part of Enterprise Estonia's joint stand participated in the fair Gulfood 2018 in February and as a result of that has sold its products to Malaysia, Iraq, Egypt, Taiwan and China and has a lot of orders still on the waiting list," Rebane said when commenting on the impact of participating in the fairs.

The support is granted for participating in a fair as an exhibitor and for the transport of product samples. The total budget of the support measure is two million euros, while one project can apply for 3,000 to 50,000 euros. The project can be realized within up to two years and it is allowed during that time to participate in more than one fair. Companies will have the opportunity to jointly apply for the support in order to participate in fairs as partners.


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