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Power generation at Latvian hydro power plants up 72.7% in 2017

BC, Riga, 01.02.2018.Print version
In 2017, Latvia's hydro power plants generated by 72.7% more electric power than in 2016, writes LETA, according to the information from the Central Statistical Bureau.

Last year, the hydro power plants in Latvia generated 4.368 billion kWh of electric power.

Combined heat and power generation (cogeneration) plants generated 2.968 billion kWh of electric power in 2017, down 20.7% from 2016.

Wind farms in Latvia produced 153 million kWh of electric power in 2017 at a 17.7% rise from 2016.

In 2016, hydro power plants in Latvia generated 2.529 billion kWh of electric power, cogeneration plants produced 3.745 billion kWh and wind farms 130 million kWh.

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