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Vilnius' Ikea store operator pays EUR 3.4 mln in dividend

BC, Vilnius, 12.01.2017.Print version
Felit, the operator of the Ikea store in Vilnius, posted 56.992 mln euros in revenue in the past financial year, up by 24.4%, from 45.829 mln euros, in the earlier year that opens in September and closes next August.

The company's net profit in the financial year soared by 29.3% to 3.362 mln euros, Felit said in its report for the 2015-2016 period to the Center of Registers.

According to the document, the company paid 3.4 mln euros in dividend for the past year. The company's main shareholder is Dutch-registered Fe Corporation, with Iceland's Eignarhaldsfelagid Miklatorg being the ultimate controlling shareholder.

The Ikea DIY store was opened in Vilnius in August of 2013.

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