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Runway of Tallinn Airport is longest in Baltics as of Thursday

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Large-scale construction work in the Tallinn Airport air traffic area that started in May has been finished for 2016 and as of Thursday the length of the runway of the airport of the Estonian capital is 3,480 meters, making it the longest airport runway in civilian use in the Baltic countries, writes LETA/BNS.

On the night to Thursday a very important phase of the construction work was completed, Tonu Muhle, infrastructure director at the airport company, said in a press release. He said the airport has words of praise for the main contractor, AS Lemminkainen Eesti, and its subcontractors who have given their utmost in a very short period of time and under very difficult conditions in order for the construction work to stay on schedule and air traffic to continue safely also when the work is ongoing.

In the summer and autumn of this year the construction work caused restrictions on nighttime flight operations but had no impact on scheduled operations. Restrictions on nighttime flight operations are planned also for 2017, when the surface layer of the existing runway will be reconstructed and the ground lighting system replaced.

The work carried out this year includes extending the runway and the main taxiway to the east and installation of a new system of navigation lights. For flight safety it's important that the soil of the safety area around the extended runway was enforced to reduce potential risks to aircraft in the event of runway overrun or excursion.

In the course of the work 60 kilometers of new duct access was built and 100 kilometers of new cables and 400 new navigation lights installed, as well as 10 kilometers of new rainwater removal infrastructure built. The expansion of the airstrip increased the airport's safety area by 41 hectares and five kilometers of new service roads were built.

In the course of the work done in 2016, 45,000 tons or 325,000 cubic meters of asphalt and 4,000 cubic meters of concrete was laid down.

To improve the environmental status of Tallinn Airport, an additional de-icing area, a proper engine testing area and new parking slots will soon be ready on the east side of the airport. Work on environmentally compliant snow melting sites and melted snow discharge and monitoring systems will continue next year.

The construction work is carried out by Lemminkainen Eesti AS and half of the construction cost is covered by the European Union's Cohesion Fund. The construction work must be ready by the end of 2017.

The airport company is set to invest 127.4 mln euros over the years 2016-2022, including 40.8 mln euros in 2016.

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