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Europe on the Edge: Politics of Grey Zones

BC, Vilnius, 02.10.2019.Print version
“There are plenty of “grey zones” in the map of Eastern Europe at present. Consequently, this creates new challenges for the whole Europe. Suggestions to demilitarise Eastern Europe, creation of 17 + 1, the use of unregulated political influence strategies, disinformation and shady investments – all these political processes are pushing Europe and Lithuania beyond its limits and thus forces us to rethink political strategies that would allow us reduce the risk of grey zones, ” - says Virginija Būdienė, Director of the Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis.

The annual event “Vilnius Consultations 2019”, organised by the Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis, will take place on Thursday, October 3, at Merchant’s Club (Gediminas Ave. 35).

This year's topic - Europe on the Edge: Politics of Grey Zones.

The conference will be focused on three topics that are currently destabilising Europe: Russian influence operations, data vulnerabilities in social networks, and the possible political implications of Chinese investments.

“Vilnius Consultations 2019” will provide an extraordinary opportunity for experts and the public to discuss foreign policy and security issues with high-level professionals from the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Germany, Israel and Russia.

The conference will be opened by Lithuania’s Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis.

The panel consists of many influential guests, including José Grinda González, a Spanish prosecutor who has been investigating Russian organised crime networks for more than two decades; Dmitry Adamsky, an Israeli security expert who has recently published a book on how the Russian Orthodox Church has worked its way into the nuclear forces; Anastasia Kirilenko, journalist investigating top-level corruption in Russia; Jacques deLisle, expert on Chinese affairs, Program Manager for Asia at the United States Institute for Foreign Policy Research (FPRI); Rolf Fredheim, senior scientist at NATO's StratCom investigating the phenomenon of robotrolling and many others.

Events of this kind are usually reserved for representatives of ministries and diplomatic corps only, and we wanted to change that. Hence, we turned “Vilnius Consultations” into an open event, easily accessible to each and every one interested in the most acute security and foreign policy issues.

“Vilnius Consultations 2019” are dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Lithuania's membership in NATO.

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