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Best Baltic and Nordic Packaging Designs to Be Awarded

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The Lithuanian Graphic Design Association (LGDA) invites product packaging designers and their customers to submit their work for the NAPA Baltic Packaging Design Awards, held for the fifth time this year.

The organizers of the awards await submissions from today until October 10. The best packaging designs will be awarded on November 7, during the BAF Baltic Food and Beverage Exhibition.


Algirdas Orantas, the Chairman of the Board at the Lithuanian Graphic Design Association, comments that the packaging design sector in Lithuania noticeably improved throughout the past five years, with businesses becoming much more interested in packaging and investing in it, which strengthens the packaging designer community as well.


“Also, the packaging design in today’s business is considered to be an investment as opposed to an expense. It opens doors to communicate the history of your product, to change consumer behavior or even contribute to more responsible and sustainable consumption. If we thought of packaging as a way to “sell more” at best in the past, the modern packaging design solutions often extend and complement the product, reveal and emphasize its values and history. Even more interesting is the fact that the packaging found today can actually change business processes. One of the greatest examples of this change in my opinion one of the previous winners of the NAPA Baltic Packaging Design Award, who created disposable, foldable salad bar packages made from paper instead of plastic, which helped the product keep its best qualities, while also taking up less space for the couriers,” says A. Orantas.


Just like last year, packaging designers will compete in 11 NAPA Baltic Awards categories: fresh food, prepared food, confectionery, snacks & desserts, non-alcoholic beverages, low alcohol beverages, high alcohol beverages, health and beauty, private label, limited edition product, and artisan product.


In continuity from last year, the designs, which reach the final stage of awards selection, will be evaluated by a 7-member jury with members from the United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. This year, the jury has design and branding stars like the former Head Designer of PepsiCo, Silke Bochat and Darren Bowles, a partner at the brand consulting agency Re.


According to A. Orantas, the organizers expect submissions from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, together with the usual participation from Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian designers.


“The competition is growing so we will be able to see the level of professionalism in the entire Baltic region. The international nature of the event always makes us happy, it integrates local creators into an international network and allows them to introduce themselves while making meaningful networking connections, as well as attracting attention to our region at the same time,” says the Chairman of the Board of the LGDA.


Throughout the BAF Baltic Food and Beverage Exhibition, aside from the Awards, the NAPA Talks Conference will also take place on November 8, where international speakers, packaging designers from the Baltics, food and other product manufacturers will exchange their experience and impressions on the newest trends in the packaging design industry. All submissions selected for the final stage of the Awards will be available for inspection by the BAF Exhibition attendees on November 7-9.


Last year, 126 packaging designs competed in the NAPA Baltic Awards, 46 were selected for the final stage, and 25 received awards. The 1st place honors were given to 4 Lithuanian, 3 Estonian, and 1 Latvian designs.


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