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Eight Latvian Churches Receive Financing Within the Framework of the Competition “Latvian Sacral Heritage”

BC, Riga, 31.05.2019.Print version
This April, the competition for “Latvian Sacral Heritage” projects, organised by the Charity Fund of Rietumu Bank in cooperation with the State Inspection for Heritage Protection , finished. The goal of the competition remains the same from year to year – to facilitate the preservation and restoration of Latvian sacral architecture and monuments of art.

This year, the jury allocated financing to eight Latvian churches from different regions of the country. 

The competition “Latvian Sacral Heritage” is being arranged for the eighth year in succession, and, within its framework, over 50 churches have received financing for conducting restoration works. 

The jury, which includes representatives of Rietumu Charity Fund and the State Inspection for Heritage Protection, has considered all of the applications received within the framework of the competition - almost a hundred in total - for the renovation of temples, their domes, organs, different sacral objects, altar paintings and other elements. This year, the total volume of financing of the competition is EUR 25 000. 

“This competition, conducted by us annually, is an important direction in the activities of Rietumu Charity Fund. Within its framework, we not only help churches of different confessions to restore their buildings and renovate important details of their interior, but in a wider aspect we work at the retention of a significant cultural and historical inheritance for future generations. Sacral architecture and art are among the greatest achievements of the creative spirit and labour of mankind, which any of us can admire or be inspired by, regardless of our views or religious beliefs,” stated Chairperson of the Board of Rietumu Bank Charity Fund, Inga Shina. 

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