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Turku attracts international top professionals to Finland with a unique campaign

BC, Tallinn, 24.04.2019.Print version
There is a severe shortage of experienced coders, engineers and other top professionals in technology fields in Turku. To solve this problem, Turku announces a global Talent Call Turku campaign. The campaign is organized by Turku Science Park Ltd and the City of Turku in cooperation with Business Finland, BC informed the capmaign organizers.

The campaign invites highly educated international professionals to get to know job and career opportunities as well as family life in Turku Region. The aim of the campaign is to attract competent workers in the fields where the companies suffer from labour shortage. The campaign was opened on 23rd April, and the selected winners will travel to Turku in August.

– Finland is one of the best countries in the world to balance working and family life. Finland was, for example, selected as the best country for expat families in 2018. Turku Region is the fastest growing innovation and competence cluster in Finland. The companies in our region offer lots of interesting work opportunities to experts in different fields and Turku as a city gives an excellent environment for a good life, says Mayor of Turku Minna Arve.

In the campaign five families from different parts of the world will win a trip to Turku in August 2019. The programme of the trip includes company visits, family activities and introduction to public services. Talent Call Turku aims to reach at least 20 mln people who belong to the target group.  

– Ensuring the availability of competent labour force is essential to the growth of the companies in the Turku Region. Maritime industry alone will need thousands of new professionals during the next few years. 

It has become clear that companies cannot find all the experts they need domestically. We must be able to attract top professionals also from abroad, says CEO Niko Kyynäräinen from Turku Science Park Ltd.

International talent attraction campaigns have been carried out by, for example, New Zealand (Wellington), the Netherlands (Eindhoven) and Estonia. This is the first similar campaign in Finland.

Talent Call Turku opens on 23 April 2019 at The application period lasts till 19th of May. The winners will be selected during June. 

– Many companies in Finland are in need of specialists. The Talent Boost campaigns and events abroad aim at attracting specialists to come and work in Finland. Talent Call is an excellent example of this kind of campaign. Talent Boost offers networks to companies to find international specialists. It also gives financial incentives to employ the first international professionals, says Ulla Hiekkanen-Mäkelä, Head of Talent Boost, Business Finland.  

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