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Estonian kroon exchange continued by the central bank’s museum, Swedbank and SEB

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 19.06.2012.Print version
Until the end of 2012, kroons can be exchanged for euro in addition to the central bank’s museum also at all the cash offices of Swedbank and SEB, as well as at the head office of Krediidipank in Tallinn, Estonian central bank announced.

Kroons are exchanged at the central rate of 15.6466 and without a service fee.


Since people’s interest in exchanging kroons continues to be high, Eesti Pank extended contracts with the listed commercial banks until the end of the year so that the network of exchanging kroons would be as extensive as possible. For further information, contact your bank, writes LETA.


Kroons can be exchanged for euros at the Eesti Pank Museum at the central exchange rate and without any service fee, in unlimited amounts and for an unlimited period of time. The museum (Estonia pst 11, Tallinn) is open from Tuesday to Friday 12-17, and on Saturdays 11-16.


Whether the exchange contracts will be extended again, will be decided at the end of the year.


As at the middle of June, about 52.5 million euros worth of Estonian kroons were still not exchanged (banking notes comprising 45.7 and coins 6.8 million euros).


2.5 million euros worth of kroons have been returned to Eesti Pank in the first half of the year.

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