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Over a half of Estonian population is against the euro

Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn, 12.11.2010.Print version
Over a half of Estonian population is opposed to the transition of the country to the euro, LETA/Delfi cites a poll by Saar Poll agency.

Social and market reproach company Saar Poll polled 1,524 people on October 12-29.


The poll was commissioned by lawyer and historian Anti Poolamets who is campaigning in defence of the kroon.


52.8% of the polled answered the question “Do you support transition from the Estonian kroon to the euro?” in negative. 34.2% answered in affirmative, 12.8% of the polled were unable to respond.


Poolamets said that if this poll is compared to a similar poll by TNS Emor in June, then the number of supporters of euro has fallen from 39.48% in June to 34.3% which is remarkable considering the state is carrying out a 12 million kroons advertising campaign for the euro. 49.9% were opposed to the euro then.


Poolamets said that there is a contradiction between Saar Poll’s study and polls commissioned by the finance ministry because of vague questions and response options in the ministry’s polls.

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