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International Internet Magazine. Baltic States news & analytics Monday, 13.07.2020, 00:23

Estonian tax authority expects rise in number of people declaring Airbnb income

In line with the development seen last year, the Estonian Tax and Customs Board expects to see an increase in the numbers of people declaring their income from Airbnb also this year, writes LETA/BNS.

Where in 2017 income from the provision of the Airbnb service was declared on 138 occasions and the sum total of such income declared was 400,000 euros, in 2018 the number of such people was 281 and the total amount declared was 708,807 euros.

Data for this year will be published by the Tax and Customs Board after the end of the period of filing of tax returns next spring.

"If we compare the first year of cooperation with the one before it, both the number of those who declared as well as the amount declared increased by half. We definitely expect an increase in declaring also this year," spokespeople for the Tax and Customs Board told. 

Starting from Dec. 14 last year, people renting their dwelling on Airbnb in Estonia can, by clicking on a button on the Airbnb platform's website, start to automatically forward data about their income to the Tax and Customs Board, which will subsequently be added to the person's income tax return.

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