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We will continue to look for additional funds for healthcare worker salaries until budget is approved - Reirs

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It is not known from where additional financing could be found for increasing the salaries of healthcare workers even more in 2020, but this financing will be sought until the approval of the 2020 budget, Finance Minister Janis Reirs (New Unity) told LETA.

Asked whether medics can count on the compromise offer made by the government to increase their salaries by EUR 60 mln next year, Reirs said that coalition partners have agreed that this money must be found, while at the same time avoiding to raise taxes.

Reirs said that the government is working on finding this additional financing, and will continue to do so until the approval of the 2020 budget by Saeima.

The government could allocate another EUR 18 mln for increasing medical workers' wages next year, including at the expense of postponing the opening of the Latvian Embassy in Australia, therefore a total of approximately EUR 60 mln could be allotted for the purpose, government representatives told reporters after a meeting with physicians' trade unions on Tuesday. 

Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins (New Unity) said that the coalition partners had agreed on Monday that a total of EUR 60 million could be allocated from the 2020 budget for increasing medical workers' wages. 

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