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Riga councillors postpone vote on budget amendments to late October

BC, Riga, 18.10.2019.Print version
The Riga City Council financial and administration affairs committee has postponed until October 28 revision of this year's budget amendments, reorte

The Riga City Council coalition lawmakers today had an arguments about a proposal submitted to the budget amendments, and the argument resulted in interruption of the council meeting. The proposal was on redistribution of funding worth EUR 300,000 earlier allocated to two basketball clubs - TTT Riga and VEF Riga.

The meeting resumed an hour later, but lawmakers were informed about it just 15 minutes before the meeting.

Opposition lawmaker Vilnis Kirsis (Unity) voiced objections to this, arguing that usually meetings are convened at least three hours in advance, and many lawmakers have already left the building, not knowing anything about the resumed meeting.

Thus, the committee chairman and Riga Mayor Olegs Burovs (Honor To Serve Riga) proposed to continue meeting either later in the evening or on October 28. Lawmakers supported the latter proposal.

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