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Estonian branch of Nasdaq CSD to start managing state's securities register

BC, Tallinn, 25.09.2019.Print version
he Estonian branch of Nasdaq CSD entered into a 6.8 mln euro concession contract with the Ministry of Finance for the provision of securities register service, informed LETA/BNS.

According to the contract, the Estonian branch of Nasdaq CSD is to provide to the Ministry of Finance a securities register service during the period 2020-2022. The cost of the contract is 6.8 mln euros, the State Shared Service Center said. 

The main content of the agreement is the securities registration service, which is primarily the initial registration, maintenance and registration of shares, proportions, bonds and other securities, and the opening and management of securities accounts.

In addition, the Estonian branch is to provide services related to corporate events, including securities pledge registration, changing of issue volume or nominal value, deletion of securities, disbursement and other additional services rendered to issuers of securities, securities transfers, including securities transfers in relation to corporate events, as well as additional services provided to custodians or other settlement members.

The public procurement was carried out by the State Shared Service Center. The public procurement department of the State Shared Service Center organizes public procurements for 33 state institutions, added to which are institutions participating in nationwide tenders. Over 200 procurements are carried out a year.

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