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Over 5,400 people have paid health insurance contributions so far

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To date, over 5,400 people without state health insurance have voluntarily paid health insurance contributions, the total amount of which has exceeded EUR 783,000 the National Health Center’s representative Evija Stalberga told LETA.

The voluntary health insurance contributions have grown significantly since the end of last year, with payments nearly doubling in the last couple of years. At the end of December, the contributions totaled EUR 415,000.

The contributions are being made both by private individuals and companies that make the payments for their employees.

As reported, the Saeima Social and Labor Affairs Committee this week approved the proposal to postpone the launch of the new healthcare financing system until the summer.

According to the approved proposal the new system that would divide all patients into two groups depending on their health insurance status has to be put off until July 1, but the Saeima committee’s chairman Andris Skride (For Development/For) told the press that he would propose moving the date for the system’s launch to June 1.

The committee has yet to vote on sending the respective draft amendments to the Healthcare Financing Law for adoption in Saeima.

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