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Tartu's H1 budgetary receipts total EUR 81.1 mln

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A total of 81.1 million euros in tax revenue and investments activities was paid into the treasury of the city of Tartu in the first six months of the year 2017, which made up 49.8% of the amount budgeted for the whole year, informs LETA/BNS.

The city's revenue from principal activities totaled 76.2 million euros or 58% of the budgeted amount. Receipts of personal income tax made up 34 million euros or 49% of the amount projected for the year. Tax revenue amounted to 35.1 million euros or 49% of the city's annual budget. In addition to income tax, the city also earned revenue from land tax, and of local taxes from advertisement tax, road and street closure tax and parking charges.


Support for principal activities totaled 28.3 million euros or 72% of the amount budgeted for the year. The city earned 9.4 million euros or 55% of the projected budget from the sale of goods and services. Other revenues added up to 3.3 million euros, the majority of which was made up of the assets received from the state for compensating the operational expenditure of schools for children with special educational needs.


Expenditure amounted to 60.8 million euros or 49% of the amount projected for the year. Approximately 60% or 36.7 million euros of the expenditure was made up of expenses in the field of education. Labor costs totaled 30.3 million euros, while management costs amounted to 21.5 million euros and funding expenses were 8.9 million euros.


Investment revenue in the first six months of the year totaled 4.9 million euros or 26% of the budgeted amount. Investments made amounted to 10.6 million euros, 26% of the amount planned for the year.


The revenue of the first six months of 2017 were 8.6 million euros higher than expenditure. As on July 12, the city's budgetary surplus totaled 13.5 million euros.

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