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SEB ranks 1st among Lithuanian banks by assets and loans

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SEB Bankas was the number-one bank in Lithuania by assets and loans at the end of of 2016 and Swedbank led the market in terms of deposits, consolidated figures from the central Bank of Lithuania showed on Tuesday.

SEB Bankas held assets worth 7.251 bln euros in late December, accounting for 29.2% of the total banking assets, followed by Swedbank in second place with 7.325 bln euros and a 28.4% market share.

The aggregate assets of commercial banks registered in Lithuania totaled 21.431 bln euros, or 83.2% of the banking system's assets, and foreign bank branches' assets amounted to 4.324 bln euros, or 16.8%.

SEB Bankas' portfolio of loans and advances totaled 5.339 bln euros, giving it a 29.5% market share. Swedbank held 25.7% of the market with 4. 641 bln euros.

Swedbank held the largest deposit portfolio in late December, at 6.471 bln euros, giving it a 34.5% market share, including 4.446 bln euros (39.8% of the market) in household deposits and 1.357 bln euors (23.6%) in non-financial enterprises.

SEB Bankas followed in second place with 5.157 bln euros, or 28.7% of the market, at the end of 2016. The bank's biggest deposit portfolio was from non-financial enterprises at 1.575 bln euros (27.4% of the market), while the portfolio of household deposits stood at 3.213 bln euros (28.8%).

Six commercial banks and seven foreign bank branches operate in Lithuania.

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