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4finance earns EUR 16.8 mln in 2014

BC, Riga, 10.08.2015.Print version
The instant short-term loan provider 4finance in Latvia concluded 2014 with a EUR 41.26 million turnover and EUR 16.8 million profit, reports LETA.

Last year's profit was made up of income earned through the company's main activities (EUR 3.5 million) and dividends distributed by 4finance foreign subsidiaries (EUR 13.3 million).


The company paid EUR 8.6 million in taxes in Latvia last year, according to 4finance.


In 2014, 4finance kept focusing on its online services to improve the customer service and the assessment process of borrowers, as well as to strengthen its leading positions in the finance sector of the online services industry. Last year, the company's turnover reduced, which was due to various borrowing assessment initiatives introduced by 4finance, as well as newly-implemented regulations in the industry. The company continued making investments to acquire new markets and improve the efficiency of its performance.


Foreign subsidiaries of 4finance posted stable results last year. The company received EUR 13.3 million in dividends from its subsidiaries.


This year, 4finance plans on continuing improving its technologies, services, and online platforms in order to maintain the leading positions in the industry.


4finance has more than 1,500 employees, 230 of whom are currently employed at the company's main office in Riga.

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