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Balticconnector gas pipeline sea bottom studies start in Estonia

BC, Tallinn, 20.11.2013.Print version
Finnish gas concern Gasum plans together with Estonian gas distribution grid EG Vorguteenus the Balticconnector gas pipeline which would link natural gas grids of Finland and the Baltic states, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

The sea bottom studies for evaluating the environmental effects and planning of the project start in the Estonian territorial waters tomorrow and will continue next week in the Finnish territorial waters. After the studies, all the necessary data to start the environmental effects evaluation (EEE) have been collected, said Gasum.


The Balticconnector project requires EEE in both Finland and Estonia and the current sea bottoms study supplements data needed for EEE. The data is also used to optimise the location of the pipeline and in installation of pipes safely.


Balticconnector is a project costing more than 110 million EUR, where a gas pipeline passing through the Gulf of Finland will link natural gas grids of Finland and the Baltic states. Linking the gas grids coincides with the plan of Gasum to build an LNG terminal in Inkoo Joddböle.

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